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[ Mod Request ] Disable aging or make a year with 365 days

mod request aging turn aging off make 365 days in year long year slow aging

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Hi everybody,


Maybe I'm the only one but I find the aging of the characters too fast. But is it possible to create a mod that will completely remove aging in the game? Or to increase the number of days in a year of Bannerlords (this game only has 120 days per year, I find that also unrealistic). Then if someone just knows the parameter to change and tells me where it is I would do it myself.

Thank you in advance for your answers.




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If im not mistaken you can stop your aging and also edit your age with Detailed Character Creation in game.



You go to the char you want to edit and there should be an edit button for "appearance".


But i think max age cap is way lower, but not sure.

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