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Vortex file completely disappeared

skyrim special edition files

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Then "multiple sources" are wrong.


I don't know the answer to your question because it's too vague, and honestly, I don't believe your analysis. Computer programs don't simply change behaviour on a whim. If I were you, I'd recover from a backup that you made before you went on this well researched change to your system.




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Well, according to the rest of the internet it is an option. And that's why you change the file paths within the programs themselves. Plus, it was working fine for nigh on 3 months. So why did it work fine in the meantime, if it couldn't find the program?






OK, but one Steam post doesn't represent "The rest of the internet"

Again, you moved things using File Explorer in windows, that left you with Dead Shortcuts, because you did it wrong, or you weren't supposed to.

Which is why Vortex AND Windows has no idea where your Steam Install or Game Install or Vortex Install is anymore.

Anyway, I'll leave you to it.



Multiple sources describe it as an option. So don't get condescending with me. And you still haven't answered my question, unsurprisingly. 


When you come out with stupid statements like "the rest of the internet" it doesn't put you in a good light.


You have done something, blindly, with no concept of what you're doing or the consequences of your actions. None of this is a Vortex issue.


You have a couple of choices here;

1. Put everything back as it was.

2. Restore from a backup where everything is as it was.

3. Kiss your modded games/saves etc goodbye and start over with everything in its new location.


Option 2 is going to be the quickest thing you can do to get you going. I trust you have a robust backup procedure that can help you here, right?


Multiple sources on the internet have explained this as a valid option for moving files as long as the paths within the programs themselves are changed/updated. To claim I have done this blindly is a falsehood. This process was done over multiple days and a lot of research. 


Maybe you can answer my question since the other individual seems unwilling to do so. Vortex was working fine for nigh on 3 months. So why did it work fine in the meantime, if it couldn't find the program? Why all of a sudden after 3 months of perfectly fine operation, would Vortex just up and uninstall itself?



Well, joke's on us all because all I had to do was reinstall Vortex. Did a run through with combat, etc, and all is working fine. Thanks for your time.

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