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Subnautica Mod Request

mod mod request

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I was thinking about the mechanics in subnautica that could be used to create a mod for bombs. then it hit me: The flare! It is a throwable item that runs code after thrown (attract stalkers) And the ship explosion in game does cause the player to die if close enough, so it does damage. In theory, you could duplicate and scale the explosion down, make a throwable that utizizes it, and change the damage target to damage all around it. Voila, a working bomb! Of course this would take time and skill, so I cant do it: I ask that anyone sufficient or pro at coding reading this try to make this happen! Perhaps crafted with uranium or lithium and definitely with cave sulfur (cause of crashfish)
That is my challenge to the mod community: create and publish a bomb mod to the nexus (preferably using the layout & mechanics above)
Many thanks!
Sincerely; Someone who thinks subnautica still needs fixes and a bigger mod community (love you all!)

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