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What does "parent Script doesn't exist" mean?

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No. This is the file that the compiler is looking for: Institute_Papyrus_Flags.flg


Skyrim has a TESV_Papyrus_Flags.flg file in with the source files (PSC)

Presumably that is where FO4's flag file should be located too.


FYI - With regards to Papyrus, the game in question uses the PEX files while the editor in question uses the PSC files.

I looked it up and found a similar Skyrim post but I don't have a scripts.zip or anything like that in the ba2 file that had the other scripts. The file they had there is for Skyrim so it wouldn't help me. It's almost like there's some unspoken Internet rule against posting scripting tutorials/help for FO4 online. lol


Ulfric, if you want to I can upload them for you

That'd be great if you could. Sometimes I question Bethesda as a modder friendly gaming company if I'm being honest...



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A little searching via google found a reddit thread where someone pointed out that for FO4 there was not a single scripts zip file but rather several zip files inside the Scripts\Source folder. 

For Example:




Try looking inside them for what you need.

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