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Presets for my NPC Overhaul Mod


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Currently working on a personal NPC overhaul mod that covers up pretty much every named civilian-type or civilized NPC in Skyrim excluding ones already covered by Bijin and Pandorable. What I suddenly lack and need is creativity to cover over 500 NPCs. And I really need some presets for NPCs that reside in Eastmarch, The Rift, the Eastern Orc Tribes and Dayspring Canyon [small settlements like Darkwater Crossing are included]. If there happens to be an NPC you want to see changed to the way you like it and happen to be in the area I mentioned above, feel free to link me the jslot file with who you have in mind [pretty please]. I'll upload the mod on the Nexus when it's done and I'll definitely credit whoever who assisted in the preset department. 
Here's an example in case you want one.

[Preset file here]

Name of NPC: 

NPC Location: (Not necessary)
Mods required: Don't forget to list out any mods I may need [warpaint, freckles, beard, etc]


Any help is deeply appreciated.


Edit: NPCs that reside in Whiterun, The Reach, Haafingar, and anywhere else not mentioned in the above paragraph has already been completed. That said, criminal-type NPCs, typically named bandits and crime lords like the Silver-bloods, Ancano and anyone in the Forsworn are still open though it will take a while before I even get there (they will be covered in my other mod).

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