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Upgrade to SE: That was easy...? [maybe long]

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Tl;dr: That was easy. Was this supposed to be that easy?

A few months ago I took some time away from Skyrim to do Other Things, mostly getting back in on art work. Gave me an excuse to finally upgrade my video card, and recently I turned back to the game. I had been using LE for so long and was comfortable with the odd issues of 32bit, and the new card allowed me to finally bump all the settings to close to max. It was great, but I had the idea that maybe I could try SE from a serious level.

It is important here to note that my computer is not considered new, appropriate, and in some views technically impossible. I have a first-model Mac Pro (1,1). For itâs time it was amazing but 14 years later sheâs a little long on the teeth. 2 dual Xeons 5160s is fine though, 32 gig ram and a AMD 7950, the boot firmware tweaked so it actually runs x64... barely... Iâve had people looking directly at it and saying it literally could not run Skyrim and that itâs impossible, and yet here it is.

It runs LE acceptably. I haVe about 125 mods and the settings are at the top level of Medium or low of High if you prefer. It does not like ENB both otherwise, but for a 45-year-old guy with a 14-year-old computer and bad eyes it looks great.

So I got SE. Installed and ran it at the base and was... impressed. Iâve seen enough people say itâs not needed or doesnât work as well or whatever, but it seemed to work, looked really well in fact.

I have read somebody saying once, âMod it âtill it breaks.â So I did. I really liked to setup of my LE mods, so I emulated that as well as I could and discovered that the existing save files were essentially the same between LE and SE so... I tried that. Had to tweak orders and some things were available and others worked in both LE and SE and other others flat out didnât, but it apparently... works. Looks better than LE, by a long shot.

So my question for the group: Did I luck out? Did I just not push it too hard? Do I inadvertently know what Iâm doing? Is it in fact not a big deal? This wasnât very hard to achieve with what I had heard was going to be a pain in the bear, if possible at all.

Now to see if I can break things...



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Welcome to SE!


Glad the game works and you're enjoying it! It's a nice change to read people NOT complaining about SE....


When I switched to SE shortly after it was released, I had a similar experience. "Looks nice and feels a lot more stable than LE..." Like it! After I found out how to port "Oldrim" mods to SE (unlike nowadays, in the beginning there weren't too many mods for SE...), I never went back to LE. Still got it installed for modding purposes, but I'll probably never play it again...


GL and have fun!


EDIT: As you found out - a lot of "Oldrim" save games CAN be loaded in SE. While this is nice and all for testing and exploring the game a bit, it is definitely recommended to start longer and "serious" playthroughs with a new game in SE. You never know what might happen with a "cross platform" save in the long run....



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When SE first came out, Youtubers did a frame rate comparison between the Stable Edition and the Long in the tooth Edition.  They found that the performance of SE was actually better.  That is what encouraged me to download it when it was free.  It was a wise decision.



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The biggest thing I noticed with SE is that my load times are much faster, even heavily modded (~230 at present). With LE, the load screen sometimes dragged on for 2-3 minutes, now it's maybe 10- 15 seconds on a bad day.

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