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Scripting help

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Im trying to make a small script to have the vault suite switch between 5 different armor addons

There different zip states Half Unzipped, fully zipped ect,

My first version made years ago simply swapped between 4 different armors when using an ingest-able(called zipper that never left the inventory) 

This works all fine but it basically removes and adds armors and auto equips them which means i cant or rather its pointless to modify the armor at a armor bench as the mods will be lost when i use the zipper


So now im attempting to make a version of this that is one armor object that just changes its armor addon to change the visual appearance

this will maintain any mods the armor has 


Its been many years since iv done any kind of scripting and i have forgotten most of it :(

Im hoping what i want to do is simple enough, i have already setup the vault suite with armor bench mods so i can change the zip appearance at the workbench already

i just now want to set it up to work with the 'zipper' ingestable so i dont need to modify it at a workbench just to visually unzip the suite


Old Script



If anyone could help me with an example of code, my old script swapped between 4 states the new one will be 5 as iv added a version of the vault suite with the torso half down by the waist with the arms tied around the waist

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