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Insubordinate Minuteman from "Pinned" quest as a follower or settler

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Remember the Institute quest "Pinned" where you encounter a group of Minutemen trying to ambush the Institute and one in particular  was so insubordinate that you required a speech check to get him to stand down? The one who tells you that the Minutemen is not the military and does not have to obey your orders. Can we get him as a follower or a settler?


I usually have him shot for his insubordinate attitude but realise that  might be too extreme but  passing the speech check when I threaten or convince him fails to satisfy me. If he can be made as a follower or settler I can headcanon that I had him kicked out of the Minutemen, had him relocated to some s***hole settlement or place him in a Minutemen military prison.


He might be labled as a generic Minuteman but I've done that quest many times and he always has the same face which leads me to think that he has his own unique face model.


If anyone takes up this request I and I'm sure many others would greatly appreciate it.

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Minutemen actors all have the WorkshopNPCScript attached, so all you need is a mod that allows recruiting any WorkshopNPCScript actor as a Settler. Example: Workshop Ownership Utilities includes this. Or, Unlimited Combat Followers will make him a meat shield follower and can dismiss as a Settler.

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