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Hello everyone.

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Hello. I finally decided to post on the forums, even though I don't know what to say exactly...

I've had an account for some time, but never actually posted since I never planned on modding, only downloading them. Then, near the end of July I discovered the wonders of a certain translation tool and, after some experimenting and testing on my own, decided to publish some translations for Skyrim SE. 

As of right now, I have published 3: 2 that didn't require much work, and a pretty big one of which I'm quite proud. I'm now translating some other mod, and I'm sorry if I bother you mod authors with PMs to ask for permissions on translations, but I want to make sure it's ok if I don't see anything written on the mod description. And that's that, I guess...



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From where I sit you seem to have found your voice.


Remember that those who do not need a translation will never know the true value of a translation. I regularly remark in response to apologies for poor English that they offer a far better rendition of English than I could ever hope to offer in their native tongue.


Often the half full portion of the glass is difficult to find. If you run across a reply to a PM that sounds cross it may be one of those who only see the half empty part.



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You're like a breath of freshened clean air after the rain mists and settles the dust. 


While downloading mods I have seen authors requesting translators help.


Now that you've focused on a translating languages for games I hope you experience some acquaintances who appreciate someone with your talent.  

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