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Third option for crafting UI

skyui crafting ui

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Recently, I finally got tired of fighting SkyUI's interface for crafting, particularly when making potions at an alchemy lab - the messages about the potions I've crafted (or new effects I recently discovered by eating ingredients) tend to cover up the list of available ingredients for crafting, and when the list of available effects changes, either by discovering a new effect or by running out of one ingredient, the "selected" effect changes (I think it keeps track of the index rather than the effect name or id), so I have to find it in the left column again if I want to make more potions with the same effect.


Before anyone brings up the "Hide SkyUI" mod, I'm already aware of it, and I'm using it for now, but the vanilla crafting menu has drawbacks as well, most notably at the forge/anvil - I might be able to get material submenus without the hacky workaround from CCOR, but I don't have a way to sort by price (which is useful if I want to craft jewelry to boost my smithing skill).  The vanilla alchemy menu is much better at keeping the selected effect open (at least until the selected effect is removed from the left column, which is fair), but neither SkyUI nor vanilla provides a way to sort the alchemy effects by predicted value (so if such a feature could be added, that might be nice).


Is anyone willing (and able) to make a new crafting UI that has the best features of both?  (or is there already one that I haven't found?) Admittedly, there are different opinions on what constitutes the "best" features, so perhaps some extra options to customize such a UI would help.


Please don't bother telling me to post to the SkyUI page to ask them to add features - the description on the SSE version of the mod page admits it is "an unsupported alpha version for testing", there's no changelog, and yet it hasn't been updated since 2017.  Thus requesting anything there would seem like an exercise in futility.

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