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Reaching the Xenon Hub

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Hi everyone,


I was too curious about what that strange object in the Eleventh Hour system is, when looking towards the star.




I was not satisfied, so I started to travel to it, the Xenon Hub.


My findings:

  • Its distance from the nearest object (jump gate to Guiding Star) is about 135000 (yes, 135 thousand) kilometers. With the fastest unmodded ship (Pegasus Vanguard from the Paranids, using the fastest engine) it really takes around 5 hours to reach it.
  • When getting too close to the hamburger structure, a sudden Game Over screen occurs. This is, 'cause that hamburger creates atmosphere!

What I recommend if you wanna do this trip yourself:

  • Use my Own Radio Stations mod. It is 5 hours, so you will need - well - your favorite music, and very much music. It is easy to get bored during such a trip if you plan to watch it through.
  • Save game after each 10000 or 20000 kilometers. Look out for the incoming fleet of ships. They're mainly fighters in various sizes, and gas miners. You can dock at friendly gas miners, thus avoiding a possible random Xenon/Khaak fleet upon reloading that saved game. And your travel progress won't be lost.

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