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Mod request? Beta retexture for Spanish Guards

request enemies npcs retexture

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Sorry if it's not allowed to request any mods in the way in which I'm about to rn but Ig I'll give it a try since Idk where else to do it.

I'm am aware of how unstable the game is for modding in general but I hope a recolor of an enemy faction isnt too complicated of a task.

Basically, I wish the uniforms of spanish soldiers were more in the style/ white colours of what I asume were the beta version, or some pre release screenshots and gameplay trailers, and maybe to an extension, their appearance in the initial cinematic reveal trailer. Also I believe these colours as seen in those sources, somewhat reflect their appearance in AC: Liberation (especially the cinematic trailer uniform, which I think resembles the Spanish Louisiana "Officer" archetype to a certain degree.

Now, I'm not well informed about military history (and the unforms' accuracy) of the era in any sort of way, tho I would like it better were they more accurate than anything else, but I'm just not a fan of things like the yellow uniforms (among other things like the modern spanish flag seen on ships when inspected by the eyeglass).

I know theres other things to consider like the spanish asprotrayed in Black Flag are probably from the navy due to the mnture of the game, and theyd differ from the Louisiana Spanish enemies not only because of that, but also it being a different colony and a (slightly) different time period (golden age of piracy/Louisiana Rebellion)
But regardless I wish theyd look similar, if not for consistency and/or historical accuracy, for the sake of "beta/pre release" looks which I prefer.

Im trying my best not to sound like an ass about history, but I hope you get my point. Ive seen recolours of outfits for Edward and even his crew.
Not sure how hard would it be to reclor all the spanish soldiers with all the guard types and all, but I'd like to know if anything can be done.
Also dunno if anyone can grab the textures from either Freedom Cry's french (which happens to be quite similar to what I want), the NPC who lowers your eanted level (also white coat) or port them from AC:Liberation HD which I asume would require extra work(?)

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