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[Request] Not-Too-Skimpy 3BBB Armour and Clothing Replacer

3bbb cbbe clothing replacer armor

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Looking for a CBBE 3BBB armour/clothing replacer that's not as skimpy as BD's or Ghaan's replacers. Basically anything that's somewhat lore friendly and not bikini/topless armours. 


Something towards a 3BBB conversion of those Gigst Spice Gear/Minidresses Collection.


Not sure if this exists or already in the works?



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I presume you've checked by doing a google/bing/etc search for "skyrim Special edition 3BBB amor clothing" ?


And/or checked the mod categories and isolated your search within the amor/clothing mods sections to 3BBB?


Push come shove,  you *could look into replacing the ref body yourself, although I'll admit I've never done it myself. But there are a lot of  tutorials than explain how to in paint-by-numbers steps, so if you're really "Jonesing", you might consider that avenue. With no disrespect intended to anyone, few of these mod requests seem to get much attention (again, no slam on mod authors), so it might be your best long term solution.


Me, I cobbled a single armor set together for my female player that looks pretty good (imo) and provides acceptable HP protection (male just wears stock armor and I boost its ratings plus enchanting where possible) and have no need for new armors or clothing, but that's just me. I get that others like to swap their clothing. I just don't, now that I've found all the bits a pieces that I find enjoyable to look at and play the game wearing, although when I first started playing, I did keep moving from garment to garment because no matter what, they always looked great in pics on mod pages when worn by the specific models in the images, but not on my girl. dunno why just is. Granted, poses tend to make things look  better than they do when just walking or standing still in game.


best wishes.

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