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FNV New Game won't start

fallout new vegas load order crash vortex

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Hi all, first post. Hopefully my last ask for help.


I recently added some mods to a profile that had been working before they got put into the mix. I assume one is the problem, but I have no idea where to start figuring it out, or how to determine if its a fundamental incompatibility or some error of mine making this happen.


The mods in question:

  • enhanced npc awareness
  • immersive recoil 2
  • manual reload
  • more realistic aiming + fix
  • cover based stealth mechanics + true leaning
  • combat enhancer
  • helmet overlays
  • unique rifles have nightvision scopes
  • more perks


Obviously its my bad for not checking the game when I installed each mod, but I got too excited and now just hope there is some way to make this work.


Initially the game just started crashing more frequently, but after deleting saves and restarting with a new game, the game just won't progress.


The intro cinematic plays, the game starts character creation at Doc Mitchell's, and I receive pop-ups for the mods I have installed that have them. I never move past the flat beige screen and doc mitchell never speaks. I don't make my character or stand up at all. Just stuck on a beige screen.


Here is my plugin load order


Thanks for your help in advance, everyone.



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Nothing good to tell you.

Fallout NV is unstable in the best of times. You added Brave New World - a 512 MB game changing mod. 

Make heavy use of Vortex Profiles.

Role back to a save before you installed any game changing mods - like Brave New World. Disable your new mods also.

Create a new profile for this. Call it "Stable" or something. Play enough on this profile to make sure it really is stable. Use it as the base for new profiles.

Create a separate profile called "Brave New World". Enable only those mods required for it.

You get the idea. Divide and conquer. And don't throw every available mod in any profile and expect it to work.

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