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Breast and butt physics not working, completely stumped...

breast butt physics

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I returned to Skyrim recently and have just taken up modding. Have so far managed to make most things work, but cant get any breast or butt physics. Ive tried everything i could find on threads etc, no luck whatsoever. I assume I am doing sth very dumb.


I have Skyrim from Steam, so both classic and SE version. Have tried it on both, also using both Vortex and Mod Organizer 2. Have downloaded version specific mods.


I have SKSE, HTD Physics, CBP, XP32 maximum skeleton, ragdoll physics, FNIS. Have tried both HDT and CBP, on both UNP and CBBE. NOTHING. I am about to pull my hair off!


I can get KS hair to work with physics...


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy to provide further info.




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I don't know if you have fixed your issue, however - if you are using CBBE (Caliente's Beutiful Body Enhancer) you will need to run a batch build to populate all the morphs.  Also make sure to run FNIS again.


This has become my first troubleshooting step every time my physics break.

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