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Mod Request: Blizzard Shout

shout magic spell request

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Hello there, fellow Dohvakiins.


I was wondering if someone could create a mod that offers a shout similar to 'Storm Call' but based on Frost Damage. My efforts to find an existing mod of this sort have not provided any satisfying results. If I overlooked something I would appreciate a hint where to find what I am looking for. However, if there is nothing of this sort yet, I'd hope that there is some Modder here who could accomplish this task. I am just starting to get myself acquainted with the Creation Kit, but I'm afraid that my abilities thus far in creating content like this would only culminate in the 'Blizzard' spell disguised as a shout. 



Using the visual effects of the 'Blizzard' would probably suffice, but to upscale the animation to effect a larger area is unfortunately beyond my capabilities. 

To have three balanced degrees of the shout, I imagined something akin to the following:


First Word: Slows down enemies in the area of effect and reduces frost resistance.


Second Word: Stamina and Frost damage depended on distance to the center. 


Third Word: Chance to stagger enemies, or freeze them if they have low health.



If there are any among you with a little more creative ideas regarding the detailed effects of the shout, I'd be glad to hear them. Maybe I'll try to create the mod myself, once I become more seasoned with the creation kit. Thank you for taking the time to read this mod request.




TL;DR: Mod request for a Shout. Frost damage (area) and other effects. Larger Blizzard-Spell Visuals. 




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No ones replied to your request yet. This is a fairly decent & doable request. However, Have you considered HOW to obtain the shout? Word wall? Location?

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