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Bound Weapons Overhaul - Making Bound Weapons (Properly) Scale with You!

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I think most people would agree that Bound Weapons in Skyrim are... ineffective in the late game.


So I was been wondering what could be done about that, and I've came up with a reasonably simple solution (albeit still too complex for me to implement myself), that should make Bound Weapons not only better in the late game, but also less overpowered in the early game.


I wrote out the description for it here, feel free to take it wholesale without a credit.  It doesn't matter much to me.  It's a Skyrim mod.



Post Scriptum: If you don't like a part of it, feel free to just... not do that bit.


Post Post Scriptum: To be clear, this is a suggestion for other people, not a request for talent to help me create this.  If nobody likes this idea enough that they set out to work on it, it won't happen; and that's okay.



"   Bound Weapons Overhaul:

The weapons you summon now are levelled based off of the following skills:

Conjuration changes the material of Bound Weapon you summon (aka iron sword, then steel sword et cetera until you reach that mythical ghostly daedric sword of Vanilla Skyrim).

Enchanting changes the level of enchantment on the Bound weapon (as your character is now more able to identify the weapon's enchantments' power, through their eye into Oblivion).
(Enchantment types will be a random elemental damage boost by default, but such can be changed in MCM.)  [Note: You don't actually have to do that if you don't want to.]

Smithing changes the quality of the Bound weapon (as your character is now more able to identify the quality of the craftsmanship, through their eye into Oblivion).

[Note: to be clear, I'm talking about "Fine", "Superior", "Exquisite", "Flawless", "Epic" and "Legendary"; from a practical standpoint it's effectively a damage boost]

The additional changes to Bound weapons are thus: [Note: I feel like these mix well conceptually, but are in no way required to make the mod function (literally or balance wise).]
Slightly cheaper spells (Gold-wise) and more common (made universal to all levels).

(Optional, on by default) Bound weapons are now significantly cheaper to cast (Magicka-wise), but uses Magicka slowly over time and significantly faster over use.

(Optional, on by default) Added a low level Bound Torch spell, to allow more ways of exploring and practising Conjuration.

Compatibility: [Note: You'd have to fill this one in yourself, of course.]
May need patch to work with SpellSiphons Bound weapons."



[Sorry if there is some glaring grammar or spelling error that I've missed, I wrote most of this out on my phone in bed this morning; I double checked it to be safe, but mistakes happen.]

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