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Your faction takes control of the Institute or the Prydwen instead of destroying useful facilities.

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There's already a mod that lets you challenge Maxson and take over the Brotherhood.

Something about Paladin Danse Cut Content, can't remember the name of the mod atm.



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It is called The Danse Dilemma (TDD) and it works great.  It was (largely) cut content that should have been left in the game to start with.  This mod also works great along side of Project Valkyrie and Disparity (PV&D).  PV&D offers yet another way of dealing with Maxson beyond what you get with TDD.  TDD allows you to do exactly what you would expect when dealing with Maxson:  keep Danse alive and challenge Maxson for leadership within the Brotherhood AND Danse is still recognized as an honored brother within its ranks.  No surprises here.  PV&D on the other hand has a very different way of dealing with Maxson.  Some of those options include his death, others do not.

Speaking of PV&D... there is a lot of NSFW content to these mods.  There is really no way around it given the places you will have to go and the situations you will have to deal with.  However it is also the single most developed alternative story arc quest mod available.  When used together they will completely change your Fallout play through from pretty much the very beginning all the way to the end. For example....maybe you don't wanna blow up the Institute, but you absolutely wanna shoot Preston in the face??  Well, now you can.  You want to have all the factions working together under your command?  Yeah, you can do that too.  There are dozens of different ways you can have the end game play out, and each play through will likely turn out different.

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