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Help with Scripting OnEquipped and addtofaction

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I am working on a mod that expands effects on some daedric artifacts making them more lore friendly. Currently tackling Hircine's Ring, I am considering mods that effect Werewolf playstyle like Growl Moonlight Tales. Which makes the Ring basically useless. I want the wearer of Hircine's Ring to have mild effects/buffs that they would get from being a werewolf but in their humanoid form. Stam Regen, Health Regen, Unarmed Damage, but the one effect I am having the most trouble with is making the wearer allied to wolves and werewolves while equipped with the ring. I have looked at a couple approaches, first was to add a script that made the player join a faction using addtofaction function with OnEquipped Event. However, the ring already has an OnEquipped script that it uses to give the additional werewolf transforms. This prevented my script from taking effect. So I had the idea to just layer that script with the addtofaction functions. But This did not work, nor could I get a debug message to pop up on equipping. Then someone from Discord reached out and sent me a working .esp and script, however I am unable to use it in my mod and the script is encoded as a .pex. So I can't even view it to see what script he used. But what I did get from him was he made a perk that made whomever wore the ring join the appropriate factions for wolf and werewolf(Still don't know how that works). So that is where I am at now.... And yes, I attempted to use Champollion to decode the .pex script file. But for some reason it does not run on my computer.


What I would like the mod to do. 

Having the ring on makes Wolves and Werewolves considered Allies.

Taking off the ring removes the above effect making them hostile once again.


My scripting experience goes as far back as 2 days ago. As I have little to no knowledge of really anything. So if anyone can help me overcome this obstacle without being too vague on details, it would be much appreciated. Thank you to those who took the time to read. And thank you in advance to those who can provide constructive information.

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