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Slave Mod Idea

mod request slavery xbox one immersion

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I have an idea for a mod for the xbox versions of these games, but have no idea how to create a mod. I was hoping someone in this community could create this mod.


The idea goes like this; when attacked by bandits, the player is given the ability to surrender. The bandits then enslave the player. All of their items are taken, they are put in slave rags(pants for a male, ragged robes with no pants for a female), they are put in a shock collar and bound. This capture scenario would be the same if caught by the Stormcloaks, Imperials, or Thalmor(depending on faction). The collar will electrocute you if you stray too far from your captors.


The rest is quest based. First, you have to convince your captors to untie you, this involves submissive dialog and convincing them that you won't run. Once untied, they will give you tasks, if you complete enough of them, mostly labor related things that vary based on which bandit camp you are taken to. Eventually, if you are cooperative enough, they with free after to complete a harder quest, likely killing a target.


The other way to freedom is escape, but, you need pickpocket skills, and lockpicking skills to get free that way. Also, all non-compliance results in collar shocks. Being captured by a faction(Stormcloaks, Imperials, Thalmor), they would likely bring you to a prison to serve time. 


There is also a mod for the PC that forces you to pay your companion, if you don't, they enslave you. I would love it if this could be incorporated in this slave mod. I would also like either submissive or defiant dialog options for the player character.


Keep in mind, I'm hoping for this to be for the xbox, so there can't be any nudity or policy violating things. If someone could manage to create this for Xbox, I would be forever greatful. I find adding slavery to both Skyrim and Fallout 4 would create greater immersion for consol player, not every vault dweller or prisoner of war can be Rambo from the beginning of the game. Thank you for anyone who responds.


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