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Elder Scrolls in the new year?

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i have a idea . if for this next release they made like TES V :continent<--(name of the continent) where there isnt a region you can visit but a whole new continent THAT would make the game muuch bigger (:
+if htey made that the ayleids on this newly discovered continent had survived in small settlements crafting extraordinary items of power to one day return to the main lands<--''cyrodil.daggerfall.morrowind.etc.''
and take posession of it and claim the powers and wealth we stole from them and that instead of 1 main quest theres 2
one for darknessd and one for light
(u chose wich side you will fight for even more immersively + choosing between maybe fighters guild/''blackwood'' company , mage guild / necromancers sanctuary, thiefs guild / imperial legion peacekeeper , assasins guild /???
and mybe even make guilds made for ayleids or rebels that want to help them ''the ayleid's sanctuary of down-hunt''
where they give u missions to take out important persons (ex: last mission could be to take out the NEW emperor and his personal body gard (some otherworldy creature) or an army prot4ecting their emperor.

that is my suggestions (: and of course even more mod-making options and more different dungeons and creatures (like fcom : convergence .... i LOVED the little skeleton kids that run at me with a buthcher knife (: ) and since it would be a country where there are live ayleids there should be inhabited ayleid CITY'S (not ruins since they are still used) but still some ruins (but the creatures that haunt them should also show the cause of destruction of the city (example a balrog and his minions where accidently summoned and he burned evrything in the city
the imperial legion rebels arived and killed evryone to claim this as their head of operation but the ayleids have the tendency of becoming liches or taking control over the bodys of those soldiers weak minded.

hope u like the suggestions (: (: (: (: :)




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Tes v will probaly be in tamriel but there are rumors about it being all of tamriel i know they trademarked skyrim but in bethesdas history they have trademarked names but only had it as a backup and have a different name instead. people think even if it might just be a backup and the game will still be in skyrim but they might be wrong because daggerfall was planned to be in morrowind but it was in hammerfell and high rock.



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TES V is in Skyrim.

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