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Enchantment explosion doesn't trigger

script enchantment effect

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I'm trying to make an enchantment that causes a weapon to cast a spell each time it hits an Undead - I want it to cause an explosion of sun damage each time an undead target is hit at the position of the target. Now I've managed to modify the Dawnbreaker enchantment to cast the spell each time an Undead is hit rather than on death:

Scriptname TMTrinimacsMercyScript extends ActiveMagicEffect  

Spell Property DA09DawnbreakerBaneOfUndeadSpell Auto

Event OnEffectStart(Actor akKiller, Actor akCaster)
	Actor TargetActor = GetTargetActor()
	DA09DawnbreakerBaneOfUndeadSpell.Cast(TargetActor, None)

Screenshots from CK


It works (at least I'm pretty sure it works) because every time I hit an undead target it takes extra damage and starts glowing gold for a second. Problem is, there is no explosion. I based the spell on Vampire's Bane so there should be a huge ball of light each time I hit a Draugr. I would be really grateful for help :smile:

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