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Welcome to the Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning forums on Nexus Mods.

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There are many youtube videos with misinformation. I thought I add a post for Finesse Character builds.


The Enemies:
Purple: Mini-Boss/Special enemy
Red: 4 levels above you or more
Orange: 2 levels above you
Green: attempted same level. Areas do have a cap. For example Webwood cap is level 12, the hollowlands is 22, and the keening is 32.
White: 2 levels below you
Grey: 4 levels or more below you.
Materials - Crude - Normal - Fine (level assigned to it)
Birch and Iron - 1 - 2 - 3 support components should use Basic
Elm and Steel - 5 - 7 - 9 support components should use Improved
Oak and Azurite - 12 - 15 - 18 support components should use Greater
Ash and Sylvanite - 21 - 24 - 27 support components should see Master
Ebony and Prismere - 30 - 33 - 36 support save all flawless for this level.
They fixed level cap problem, but I believe regions still have a max level. I still wouldn't advise going back to an early level region.
Because of the capping it maybe best to do the DLCs after the main game. At level 40 you get the highest level Primal in Teeth of Naros.
Finesse is actually built around dodging and range. It is a high defense, and DPS character. Important gear for this character is as follows:
1. Critical chance support components typically called magnifying, weak tendons, dried guts, and strong sinew
2. Damage support components like damage bindings, grips and rivets 
3. Defense items components typically called everlasting lining, strings and trim. 
If you add at least 14% chance to critical you will see a 1 in 4 critical. Blade Honing works very well for your faeblades and daggers if you add more critical chance.
Blocking support component gear is useless since this character is based on dodging. Storm bolt can be used at range to stun finesse enemies that dodge your arrows. 
Night blade 109 points:
+30% Ranged Attack Damage
+60% Damage Resistance While Dodging
+12% Chance to Critical Hit
+20% Piercing Damage
Evasion - 11% Chance to Avoid Hit
Assassination - 300% Critical Hit after a successful Evasion.
The damage resistance from dodging is huge. Because the game uses mobs of enemies Evasion/Assassination happens at almost all enemy engagement since it is 1 in 10. 

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