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Nice looking character help

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I have:

Eyes of Beauty
Better Freckles

Superior Lore Friendly Hair (thinking about KD's hair instead)

High Poly Head

Seductive Lips

I do not have CBBE or other body modifier

I can't get Enhanced character Edit to work. When I try to install it MO crashes.


So many presets require a body modifier, which would require new clothes and armors I suppose.

So mainly I'm looking for better skin textures that don't need CBBE or ECE.

Any suggestions?



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If you have Racemenu, you don't need ECE. If you search up skin textures, there are plenty that work with the vanilla body type, you just have to read the description.


If you are worried about changing your body type because your armors won't work, just look at what armors you currently have installed, and go with the body type the majority of them will work with. Most are compatible with UNP or CBBE, so worst case, you have to reinstall a couple mods to make it work.

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