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How to override CGO Two Handed Idle Animation?

cgo combat gameplay overhaul animation dar dynamic animation replacer

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I'm experiencing an animation issue with Combat Gameplay Overhaul, that I'm unable to resolve.


I know that CGO breaks some custom animations, but I think I am facing a different problem here.


What I want to do?


I have some custom weapon (a quarterstaff, basically uses 2HW animations), and I want to use custom, bojitsu-style animations for it. To achieve so, I'm using DAR (Dynamic Animation Replacer).


I tried both placing it into the player folder, and with the condition IsActorBase("Skyrim.esm"|00000007)**, so it would affect the player. However, I am getting the following issue:


* most animations are replaced correctly; this indicates that the DAR folder is indeed loaded

* HOWEVER: the idle animation, and the movement animations are still those from CGO, despite the correct files also being present in the folder.


How can I resolve this? Basically, any animations that are affected by CGO's unlocked grip functionality are not replaced correctly.


Moreover, I never use the unlocked grip feature of CGO. Is there a way to disable it (without disabling the mod)?




**my character doesn't use any other two handed weapons; therefore I did not specify a more detailed condition.



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