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Any mod or plugin that would fix some audio engine problems such as ambient background sounds stuck on fast travel, background music randomizing

fixes plugin sound engine

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Over the past weeks I have been working on a massive audio overhaul mod in which I already put 100+ hours. It basically focuses on fixing, improving, extending NV sound design. I ran into some issues that so far I wasnt able to fix or workaround. I also contacted already some modders with a big coding and audio engine knowledge but so far nobody knew anything and I lack the coding knowledge for this sadly. Therefore I decided to make a thread here, maybe anyone that has the skills to fix it finds it and could make a mod or plugin that integrates fixes and features. Here is a list:


1. Ambient background sounds get stuck on fast travel in some locations. Most notably when fast traveling from freeside to anywhere else. When fast traveling again or reloading it disappears. This bug has also been recorded here: https://fallout.game..._New_Vegas_bugs - Ambient environmental sounds get stuck

EDIT: Still not sure what triggers it but it only seems to happen in very specific locations such as freeside. Maybe just adding a script that unloads ambient lp music from certain spaces such as freeside would fix it but I dont know scripting stuff.


2. When using multiple media location controllers to add more and diverse background music (Inon Zur Score for example), going from interior cells into exterior cells (mostly Wasteland NV), the track randomizes to another track in the media location controller if multiple tracks are present. This is also the case when the exact same media location controllers are assigned to these locations. Its not too bad and I can "hide" this issue mostly by using one track and looping and such but its still a little nag.

EDIT: That is still an issue and from what I gathered this is some hardcoded engine quirk so I guess its not really easily fixable.


3. Could anyone integrate an option that lowers the background music volume when entering NPC dialogue? The value that stores this is fdefaultmusicvolume. lStewieAI implemented a similar function but it lowers radio volume, not background music volume (Music slider in settings). I mean shouldnt it be technically replicable by just lowering this value instead? But yeah, I suck at coding so sorry if I talk bulls***.

EDIT: This was added by lStewieAI. Thanks a lot! :smile:



This is all so far. It would be so cool if anyone could make even just one of these things.

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