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Mod for reloading assets?

reload assets lag

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Im running with quite a few mods myself, and while it is completely manageable, i notice the game slows down drastically over time, especially when entering instanced areas like houses or caves. Obviously this is because the game loads the assets from the instance and then doesn't unload them when you exit, since when you quit to desktop and start the game again it runs much smoother. I am fairly convinced this is normal, and don't get me wrong, its the price you pay for playing with 300+ mods. What i was wondering though, was if there exists a mod which can "reload" your game as if you shut it off, without actually shutting it off. I obviously expect a rather lenghty loading screen to accompany this, and you'd probably have to reload from your last save or something, but it'd still be less trouble than restarting the entire game. The F3 + A function in minecraft is a great example of something like this, it unloads all loaded chunks and then reloads those in your render distance.


I have no idea what im asking for here, for all i know this might be completely impossible within skyrims engine, and honestly? Restarting the game, while inconvenient, really isn't THAT much of a hassle.



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try making a new save, then reload that save. It often seems to help on that score.

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