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Rainbow 6 siege items

weapons rainbow siege abilities game-changing

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it could change the entire way Fallout 4 is played, instead of just going into a location guns blazing, use a drone,

ee-one-d, or many others to locate the enemies, then blast them away through the walls!

Does the wave of enemies seem endless? set up the mounted LMG and delete your problems.

Are all the enemies grenade happy? Set up an Active Defence, and they won't get very far!



just going down the list of characters, guessing how they can be added, not including those that interact with walls because I doubt the game engine can do that.




Thacher(emp grenade): the game already has it!


Twitch(shock drone): Maybe it could be done, by toggling free cam, summoning a drone npc, and connecting the camera to the drone.


Montagne(extendable shield): the idea for it has already been seen in the mods immersive deployable shields by xBloodTigerx and H&K USP .45 by toounx (in the video they have shields) and making it extendable I don't imagine would be too much of a stretch.


Glaz(flip sight): the thermal vision is already in the game with the mod XM2010 enhanced sniper rifle by toounx


Fuze(cluster charge): all that would need to be done is to summon grenades on the opposite side of the wall.


Blitz(flash shield): simply add a white texture right in front of the player's face if the player is stunned, and the stun effect to any enemies within a certain distance or with ray tracing, if possible.


IQ(electronics detector): it could be simply a retextured recon scope that tags synths, robots and other electronics, at minimum, or could go all the way up to the full outline at most.


Buck(skeleton key): simply a keybind that switches to a shotgun, FO4 hotkeys by Registrator200 opens the full keyboard to items already.


Blackbeard(rifle shield): simply add a shield like before, and if it goes over the players head, few will notice, fewer will care.


Capitao(tactical crossbow): *singing* FO4 hotkeys!


Jackal(eyenox model III): I may be possible to do it the same way I think Ubisoft made it, recording where enemies have been, and laying down a footstep texture, obviously only have the previous minute recorded.


Ying(candela/remote flash charges): simply a remote charge, similar to those in the mod Remote Explosives by fadingsignal, only these apply the stun effect on  detonation.


Zofia(KS79 lifeline/grenade launcher): it's literally just 2 grenade launchers that you choose between when you hit the keybind.


Dokkaebi(logic bomb): makes enemies emit a buzzing sound, which sounds like it could be pretty simple.


Lion(ee-one-d/enemy locator): locates all enemies, could be in a certain radius, TAGGING them. 


Finka(adrenal surge): could be a temporary status effect, like chems.


Nomad(Airjab launcher): it could be a form of grenade on a short timer.


Gridlock(trax stingers): a new trap.


Nokk(hel presence reduction/stealth boost): a status effect that adds agility?


Amaru(Garra hook/grappling hook): one suggestion I found( https://forums.nexus...-hooksziplines/ ) was to mod a railway rifle, so you teleport to the rail spike, although modding it to move slowly, and you moving along with the spike, would work as well.


Iana(gemini replicator): could be done by adding modding either free cam or clipping, or the same way the drones are done.


Zero(argus launcher): possible the same way as the drones.




Smoke(remote gas grenade): can be easily added with an addon for Remote Explosives by fadingsignal


Mute(signal disruptor): I admittedly have nothing other than making it OP, killing synths that come in range, disarming everyone with laser weapons.


Pulse(cardiac sensor): it's literally a retextured ESP, so adding it as such is likely possible.


Doc(STIM pistol): Ranged stim pack, or a weapon that heals targets.


Rook(armor pack): can be done with endurance status effect.


Kapkan(entry denial device): a modded mine or trap?


Tanchanka(mounted LMG): a modded vertibird minigun?


Jager(active defence): can just delete grenades that come in range


Frost(welcome mat): Hey! A bear trap! what do ya know, it's already in the game!


Valkyrie(black eye/cameras): maybe a grenade that sticks, and acts as a drone?


Caveira(silent step): an agility stat boost! 


Echo(yokai/drone): could be a drone variant that just stuns targets.


Lesion(gu/poison spikes): the main game has these too!


Ela(grizmot mine): could be done with a mine.


Maestro(evil eye): could be done with a drone.


Alibi(prisma): could be done with an NPC with no movement AI that tags enemies.


Clash(cce shield): a shield with a stun or energy attack.


Mozzie(pest launcher/anti-drone device): could be an entity that only attacks drones.


Warden(glance smart glasses): just make players wearing the Glance smart glasses invulnerable to flashes and stuns.


Goyo(volcan shield): maybe a mine that can stick to walls.


Wamai(Mag-net system): maybe an entity that detonates grenades in the air, or a grenade that spawns a spherical, invisible shield.


Melusi(banshee sonic defense): adds a status effect that reduces speed, just like the hat that adds 10% speed, or reduces agility.

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