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Fusion core insertion and power armor modification animations busted.

broken animations power armor crafting

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So I recently picked up Fo4 from a long break. I have had my game set to not be able to update and had a set, stable mod list. I added a few expansion packs for SimSettlements, but nothing, I thought, that should affect power armor. When I went to interact with a power armor crafting station though, I had a rude surprise awaiting me. My screen jumped out to the typical third person view... and then there stood my character. I can draw and sheath my weapon, but I can't move. I can't open any pip-boy menu, though I can save and load. 


I realized the issue was larger while troubleshooting. I thought a particular armor was possibly bugged due to me putting it in a display stand, so I went to get another. I always rip my power cores out of my armor, just as a paranoid precaution. I went to grab a different set and found that the same thing happened as when I interacted with a crafting station- there stood my guy, looking as smart as a box of rocks. I reloaded, and took a bit to figure out why I could get into one set of armor and not another. What I found was that if I manually put in a power core, I could board power armor without issue. I thought maybe this was the file I had pulled worsin's garage out of, so I re-installed it. No joy. So I updated game, and then updated F4se and all mods with possible updates. Still no joy.



Longer Power Lines (3x)


MTM-Power Radius Increased and NBL( for vault 88, new since return.)


Vault-tec workshop overhaul redux (new since return)


Sanctuary Homestead postwar edition v2.3


Commonwealth Conifers, no weather changes


Commonwealth Conifers- summer


Truestorms- wasteland edition




SimSettlementsROTC complex city plans


Better Automatron weapons


Mr handy buzz blade increased reacherino


immersive scrapping

immersive scrapping money




Expanded settlement buildings






Companion infinite ammo and unbreakable power armor


Larger shipments


Better Junk fences


Place everywhere


underfoot rugs


visible companion affinity




Everyone's best friend


Hangmans ally interior appartments


Jamaica Plains Interior Home


No perk Requirements


Settler Sandbox Overhaul (10x)




Chinese Stealth Suit


Craftable turret stands


SimSettlements 3-in-1


Vault Glass Repair (New since return)




No power armor strength cap


Backpacks of commonwealth


Extended Dialog interface


--- I did have in 3 expansions to Simsettlements, but as the most recent 3 additions I axed them to see if they were the problem. 


Things I have not yet tried- removing the other 3 new mods. I desparately do not want to attempt this, as I have a massive vault that is completely reliant on them. The glass one, thats fine, it can be removed. The others I don't know what sort of effect it would have. Mostly I am posting this here in the hopes that someone just happens to know what causes this issue. I don't think I have anything that affects animations, aside from maybe the stealth suit, and I dont think any of the new mods affect Power armor in any way, aside from worsins and awakr, but they are clear as they were an attempt to fix the issue.







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Ok, figured out the guilty mod by going one by one through the list. The Guilty party is... Chinese stealth suit! Dunno why it breaks these two animations, but it does.

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