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Secret Unstoppables Vault Quest

fallout vault unstoppables grognak silver shroud quest

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Back in 2075, a writer called Pete Plutarco was an artist as well as a mechanic so he could fix the printing presses if they need it. He also liked to tinker and was very patriotic. He saw that the commies would one day try a frontal assault on america so he hatched a plan. He over the months through some contacts at vault-tec built a secret vault. This vault was based on everything he knew about the unstoppables. He also came up with a secret code he wanted to put into the hubris comics but make it a rumor so it would draw people in and make people buy more. It worked for a while but noone every figured out the code. If anyone figures the code out they would be invited to the vault where they would inherit Pete's tech and help battle the commie threat as the new unstoppables!


can someone make this a reality? I have more details on this story if you wanna work together to make this real. It would be similar to fallout new vegas's dead money where you have to travel through the commonwealth to recruit specific individuals to be the new team or make it like a new faction or something.

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