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Character Skin Colour Glitch

bug glitch malfunction character skin colour mods etc

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I've been trying to solve this for a while now, but have found nothing.

Basically, whenever I load a save my character's skin colour is a dark brown. I use the <showracemenu> command to change the skin colour to the option I prefer, save, quit to menu, reload the save and the skin colour is back to this dark brown. 

I have tried completely re-installing Skyrim (steam), as well as re-installing all my mods, but with no success. I am using the NMM for most of my Mods, but a few from the Steam Workshop as well. I'm farely new to the Modding scene, but I've noticed that the files installed by NMM reside in the /data folder even when disabled. I do not know if that is a cause for concern, but I doubt it.

*** I should probably mention that a few hours ago, all these worked fine together, and the glitch did not occur. I had installed RCRN I believe, struggled to uninstall it after the frame rate hit, and then added more armour and effects mods. I believe it was around about this time the issues began.


Mods Installed (other):

Mods Installed (NMM):

-Feminine Running and New Dash Animation - xp32
-Victorias High Heel walk Animation plus BBP - xp32
-Well Placed Weapons and Quivers - Ryeong
-ApachiiSkyHair - Apachii (Note: Even when disabled, my character still has the Apachii hair)
-Pretty Face - tktk
-Enhanced Character Edit - tktk
-The Eyes of Beauty - Gabriel Malihot
-CBBE - Caliente
-CBBE Retexture - Caliente
-Coverwomen - mrLenski
-Unofficial Hearthfire Patch - Kivan & Arthmoor
-A Quality World Map - IcePenguin
-Skyrim Universal 4GB Memory Patch - Argie

Mods Installed (Steam Workshop)
-Static Mesh Improvement Mod SMIM Part 1 & 2
-Alternative Lighting 2

-Different Look for Female Marriage Options
-Caliente's Body Mod (CBBE Curvy Edition) (yes, for some reason I have two of these mods, but they have worked fine previously)
-Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One
-Shadow Striping Fix (Indoor/Outdoor)
-Dynamic Fires
-SV - The Outdoors

-Improved Interior Lighting
-Real Skin and Improved Chargen
-Better Embers
-Unofficial High Resolution Patch
-No more butch females - Vanilla
-Lush Grass & Trees
-Better Dynamic Snow
-Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux.

*** There is almost an infinitely longer list of mods sitting in NMM disabled, which I am filtering through to get rid of.

As mention I had RCRN installed (used the automatic, and windows for uninstall , which buggered up Skyrim a tad, which led me to re install it. I can't remember if the glitch occurred during that time or before.

Through my en devours I have found a solution for the crash when using the <showracemenu> command. Turns out it's Apatchii causing the issue, and, if installed with NMM, you can still access the hair styles even when the mod is disabled (not uninstalled).


Oddly enough though, the Skin Colour it changes to seems to be Custom (??) as it list itself as preset 23, which, if changed to any other number, then back to 23, is a off-white skin colour.

That's all I can really say. Has anyone else had this issue? Did you find a fix?





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Ah... I feel like a real idiot now. I found the solution after a few more minutes of mindless experimentation:

RCRN Corrupted my save. I always was advancing from that save, never from before, so I was always loading a corruption. 

I loaded a save from before RCRN, and this one works fine.

Sorry 'bout that, should have waited a wee while longer. Well the fix is here if anyone needs it :)

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