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Help Respawning NPCs Radiant Quest / Cell Reset

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I'm trying to make a mod where you can go into a simulation and do the same quest over and over or repeat the cell. I've got the transition to the cell down but I can't get the cell to function the way I want. The easiest solution I thought would be to have the cell reset. For something so simple I'm having an issue actually getting it to fire.


I followed this thread to get an idea but I couldn't get it to reset my cell. I have tried attaching the Self.GetParentCell().Reset() to a default activator, trigger box, npc, etc. and the cell does not reset upon traveling away and back. I have tried writing a script using Event OnCellAttach rather than OnLoad as it is more reliable. It will complie but I cannot figure out where to attach a script to the cell itself.


Scriptname CellReset3 extends Cell Native

Event OnCellAttach()


I need to figure out how to do that or a way a reference object can refer to the parent cell like in the above but which will actually fire. I've tried making a repeatable quest out of it as a work around, the quest repeats but the npcs do not spawn the second time. The closest I've got is attaching the reset script to individual NPCs thusly:


Scriptname MyCellResetScript extends ObjectReference Const

Event OnCellAttach()


They do respawn but after 2 or 3 respawns their navmeshing gets wonky and they end up swimming or floating at me. Any advice on how to reset a cell on each entry, or respawn npcs properly, either on load or quest activation would be great.

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