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Unlock locks with unarmed strike

unarmed lock unlock break attack enchantment

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I'm trying to make a perk, that would allow my character to break locks with unarmed strike (locked chest -> unarmed attack -> unlocked chest). I'm sitting over this for a few days already but I cannot get it to work. I searched CK wiki far and wide, but every time I thought I'm getting close there was one detail that derailed all my plans. I tried making script MGEF with delivery: targetted actor or contact and attaching it to spell (and later to perk), but the script ran on my character the moment I added it to PC. I tried making an enchantment, but it failed miserably. I tried adding damage type, but I cannot figure out how to add it to unarmed strikes.

I tried to download similiar mods from Nexus, but they use mechanics I don't understand yet and work only with weapons and/or explosives.

Can someone help me out with this?

Sorry in advance for my lack of knowledge, I joined modding community only recently and I don't know all the details yet. I understand semi-advanced scripting though.



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I think the way to do this would be to use quests with scripts on reference alias's that use the OnHit event. Check out this tutorial: https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Dynamically_Attaching_Scripts 


Look towards the bottom of the page for the Attaching Scripts to Objects section. It explains how to give the player firewood whenever they hit a tree. You can modify it to suit your needs.

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