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Yet another post about GPUs. Hurrayyy

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Just looking for a bit of TES specific advice here..


I currently have a MSI GTX 660 OC that is just about coping with ENB (Project ENB), texture mods (high res DLC, Book if silence and a few others), CoT, Laterns of Skyrim (these are the ones that I can think of that will impact FPS) though i can no longer use civil unrest as my 660 cannot cope with making the game look that good and the high number of NPCs (it actually struggled with the two close and large battles in the Whiterun plains area without ENB). Its a big sacrifice to make having used the mod since I had a gaming rig and how awesome it made the civil war quest lines (any similar mods but with lower performance requirements?).


I have configured by .INI files as per S.T.E.P and am running on Very High (not Ultra - difference with ENB is negligible IMO). My monitor is 1980 x 1080 and 24 inch. I am delighted that my card can actually perform at the levels I am asking it to but as I am human I WANT MORE.


Anyway I'm wondering what you guys think to getting a 670/ 680 4gb? With the amount of high res textures and things I use I think the extra VRAM will come in useful, though I know its overkill for virtually every other game. 


The price difference between a 4Gb 670 and 4Gb 680 is quite large though I am thinking that an investment in a 4Gb 680 would include a decent amount of 'future proofing' if such a thing exists (already I am thinking about TES: VI and I imagine a 4GB 680 would be more than enough since I have heard people running Skyrim on pre 400 series cards). But the 670 4Gb would also offer a huge improvement over my card anyway. 


Also consider that Crysis 3 needs at least a 680 or higher to play on ultra (not that I even have any of the series but perhaps this could be used as an indicator as to what the future holds?)


Anyway I am wondering what you guys think to all this.. Keep in mind my MSI GTX660 OC will run what I am asking it to currently though any more visually intense mods will likely push my fps to low to be playable.




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I'd wait on upgrade,cuase the geforce titans are about to be relesedin the next few weeks,and will be comparable to 680+.If you're fine for a while it's best to wait until there's issues.Also,the 8k series from AMD should be out soon.So wait til next gen are out since it's almost release time,will probably get good deal on older gens,or added bundle to the newer ones.

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