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How to create a new type of Radiation NVSE

nvse scripting radiation

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How do i create a new type of Radiation and radiation marker? something similiar to the dead money cloud damaging you and has radlevels like normal Radiation.


I am using the most up to date versions of NVSE, NVNX, JIP LN, Johnnyguitar.





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Well Dead Money doesn't use radius markers to give the player cloud damage. It's a trigger with a script that uses OnTriggerEnter Player and OnTriggerLeave Player. Radiation is an Engine-Level mechanic, which means you can't create this on a simple ESM you'd have to change the game on an engine level. But if you want to create something similar to the Dead Money Cloud I'd recommend you refer to the NVDLC01ToxicCloudSCRIPT and NVDLC01ToxicCloudTriggerSCRIPT under the "scripts" section. If you want something similar to radiation my best idea for that would be to create a trigger, use a timer script to increase a quest variable slowly while the player is in the trigger, then in order for the player to see how close to dead they are from this radiation like mechanic, have a piece of apparel in the pipboy which shows a menu upon equipping that shows the variable number. Then within the quest which you set the variable make a Begin Gamemode script that says once this variable reaches a certain number it kills the player.

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