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Custom Races and Looksmenu

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Could someone please point me to a documentation on custom races usage and Looksmenu? My question is how to make all the head morph parts work in Looksmenu on custom race. I have:

  • A human-like race (i.e. all the keywords, flags and whatnot are set properly)
  • Correct head parts (I included the new race to all the base FormID lists indicating what are valid races for them)
  • Correct meshes / textures (I don't think these are important for the question, but I found them to be working)

Unfortunately, Lookmenu for the character of this race doesn't allow for any choice of parts (like nose / ears etc, the "Type" is grayed out). My best bet is what I found in f4ee.ini:

?; Exports all tints of the specified race to Data\\F4SE\\Plugins\\F4EE\\Exported\\Tints
bExportRace=0 ; Default[0]


- but it looks like this just affects what Looksmenu will base its tints on + for the new race I created all the morphs, tints and whatnot are an exact copy from the Human race. Besided, by the look of it, it's disabled by default anyways.


What's really strange that some parts, like ears - transfer to the character after changing race, but then they still cannot be altered afterwards. And some parts, like face geometry - fails to even transfer.

I'm also able to switch presets, which does affect the looks as one would expect (mostly, I suspect some of the face geometry is not fully applied). This means that the native "human" headparts which are referenced from normal "human" presets are applicable on the new custom race, so I do indeed have the correctly configured head parts.

Or maybe it's not possible at all? (What compels me to think this way is the fact that HumanRace is indeed referenced from the F4SE plugin that comes with the mod, I checked that in the hex editor)

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