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Weighted, not physics-d Hairs

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I am sure there are probably many other avid immersion fiends out there like me who don't find the physics mods available very interesting. Even moreso, care way too much about our framerates then what is healthy. Properly weighted hair would be a great way to add more diversity to the game and preserve the framerates and not ctd when you move too much lol!

I've been trying to get proper weights on a KS hairdo for several days now and I must admit, I cant figure out how to get it in the game. BUT THATS NOT THE POINT! I digress.



~Adapting a selection of hairs to use weights PROPERLY

(By this I mean when you move your body sliders the hair moves with it)

~ Providing a secondary option, 'wigs' which give the appearance of weighted hair but not actually hair. These can be batched in Bodyslide to fit whoevers body however they wish!


Even if nobody wants to put all that work to get the desired effect, Id still be very much interested to work together with someone with better understanding of RaceMenu and the games filing system etc to do what im trying to do.


"But Toxik, there is already a mod that ads weights to hairs! Just use that one!"

I have tried them and they are severely lacking slider compatibility, and the weights applied to them are kind of garbage, and there's too many that spit in the face of everything I hold dear, which is lore friendliness.

I should say that I do appreciate how much work the mod authors who made the weighted hair adaptations had to do, but never let it be said that something cant be done better, more efficiently and ultimately increasing the enjoyment of everyone involved. Thanks for reading!

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