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Fans? Halloween fiends V(amp)ires Technical to know PSU owners.

electric fans psu fans fans of v(amp)pires halloween power your computer needs how much power does it need

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Here's a link to some advice I think people should consider if they are curious about strange noises their computers make.  Or planning to buy a Power Supply Unit to support their PSU V(amp)ire!


The electrical board gets hot inside and the fan is very important.


It's aiding the part that is giving your computer it's life and keeping that electrical hot little boards parts cool so it works BEST. 


The poor fan might be too weak if it can't keep the PSU cooled, because the v(amp)ire isn't cool enough, or powerful enough, to support the Super Duper Video Card and stuff.  Make sure you get a PSU with the Watts your computer's (the video card especially) needs.  When the video gamers video cards go to work giving you the divine moving pictures and sounds they use a lot of V(amp)ire strength and that V(amp)pire needs a bit sip of electrical juice when the video card is set to High and Ultra High use.


Surges of amperage oh MY!


If this October your computer seems HAUNTED and it whistles,whines, and you can hear the wind blowing through the spaces in your electronic princess laptop, or your SUPER DUPER GAMING machine, making it sound like a beast wailing, or a witches cries.


This Halloween I would like to remind everyone, NOT all Witches are Evil.  Sometimes they just need to clear their windpipes out and get a filter or fan replaced.


Laptop's fans vents and fan blades can get clogged with dust.  So can a Super Duper video gaming consoles PSU, even a huge tall case PC Power Gamers machine PSU gets dust inside.


It's very important to clean the vents, and the fans blades after a year of use.  Especially if you live where the humidity is high for awhile or all year round.  Once a fan's blades start getting a coat of sticky dust on them they begin to fail at cooling your computer laptop, console, or PC.


A little too much dust can block the ducts on all those kinds of computers.  Once dust gets stuck sticking on the fan blades other problems begin to occur with the computer, around inside the computer cases.  Even Laptops and consoles suffer from it.


Do you like a gentle breeze?  So do laptops, consoles and PCs.  Their fans blades cleanliness is as important as brushing your teeth and cleaning behind your ears. 


Oh!  You laptop owners should know!  Don't lay your mobile phone or your laptop on anything that blocks the vent holes for the fan's cooling path, not even on your lap or you could end up with a paper weight that cost you lots of money when you could have just picked up a pretty rock or shell from the sea shore. 


Or an ax, a shrunken head, or the hand of one of the Walking Dead, or a DVD copy of, Tales from the Crypt for a family night movie for "13 year olds and up with mature adults present.


Or MUNSTERS GO HOME!  For the whole family and even mature adults that are grown up. 


The inkling I had has a linking to a little page often ignored.  We just don't have as much fun there as before...  https://forums.nexus...2#entry86077943


Maybe you would like to add your own streak of luck to it, at, "The Last Poster Wins"




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Thank you for this great write up. This is some good information for old and new users to be reminded of!



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You are welcome!



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