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Bleach Request.

bleach starrk request gun guns

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((There is a line below my introduction, you can skip this as its just some thank yous, and pleases, and a bit about my request... if you want to ignore my ramble, head to the next line))



Hello, and thank you for viewing this request.


Let me start by saying I appreciate all the modders work, I really do! I'm trying to get good enough to script, code, all that jazz (speaking of jazz i really need some jazz albums)


But I digress.


I have a specific kind of request, and yes, its of the more aggravating and tedious kind.


I am a HUGE, and I mean to a dangerous level sometimes, fan of bleach.

Let me put it this way, I love skyrim enough to know dragon speech. I love starwars enough to know Huttese, and Twi'lek. And i have the sith code tattooed on my left arm... I love Bleach more... (NERDYNESS... its over 9000!... And yes, DBZ is up there to)


Anyway, let me cut to the chase... chapter 11, Rock shuts up and posts his friggin' request.


I am a huge fan of a speficic character. Coyote Starrk is his name. he is known as the Primera Espada. (meaning he is number one)


Starrk is a hollow being known as an arrancar, meaning he removed his mask, for those that dont watch, thats a big deal, its similar to an amputation or a major surgery, its a massive stress and many times, a hollow cannot survive it. He is ranked as an Espada, one of Aizen's, (the main badguy for the Arrancar storyline) elite warriors.


All Arrancar have a 'released' form, unleashing the deadly power within themselves and their swords. His swords name is "Los Lobos" (all hollow references are in spanish Hueco Mundo, Arancar, Espada, Gilian, Vasto Lorde, they're all spanish words.) 


Anyway, please bear with my rambling a little longer!


Coyote is the living embodiment of Solitude or Lonliness, each espada represents something, that would eventually kill a living being. Loneliness is among those. 


A BG. Coyote is accompanied by a little girl, named Lillinet Gingerbuck, who is his polar opposite. He's lazy and unmotivated, shes got a potty mouth and a terrible temper. However they were once the same being, a being so powerful that its Spiritual pressure (its Aura in most games/shows) killed anything that got near it. It split its soul in half, forming two new beings, for one purpose, to have a friend. Something strong enough to be close to it. 




Anyway, i'll try and wrap this up.


What my request is to have a few things.

1. His armor, preferably named "Starrks Duster" Enchantable if you can, same for the boots, gloves and eyepatch. 

2. a Spell to summon his swords, perhaps retexturing silver swords to have the effect bound swords do? (They dont have a name, they just call it "Starrks swords" or "Starrk using swords" in most cases. 

3. His guns? I'll level with you guys... I have no idea, if this is even possible. Im not a modder, and I BARELY know jack about modding, other than its a pain and you guys go really unappreciated, my area of expertise regarding computers is hardware, like RAM, Fans, Cards etc etc.

4. Lillinet? I dont know how hard it is to get an Npc in... dont suppose you could scale a green haired breton to .8 or something? and just add her excuse for clothing?

5. a spell, that summons a permanent unkillable familer? (compatible with twin soul conjure perk)



Ive included some pictures below.

My disclaimer is that i have no idea where they come from, Google asked, I answered it, it gave me this.

I also included a Video from youtube with the same disclaimer.




http://4.bp.blogspot...te Starrk 2.jpg







I realize that if the guns are possible, such power would cause CTD, slow running, and may very well be impossible. 


I want to that everyone, modders or not, for viewing this.

and I want to thank all the modders for their hard work, god knows not enough people do.

I have modded the crap out of my skyrim, i have a list so long i should probably delete the ones I dont use. (which besides a few armor, and weapon mods, most are retexture)


Note: I'm only interested in his Released forms weapons and armor.

If you could somehow incorperate the term "Kick about" maybe as the spell to summon the guns or something That'd be peaches and cream.


One final time since I haven't said it enough yet



Any suggestions are welcome,

any advice is (as long as its constructive and not suggesting i go fornicate with myself or something)




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guns are very possible. :biggrin: they are just not an easy task at all.... take time.  This is a gun i use in skyrim. Its from final fantasy 7. its considered a staff under classification in game. but it fires and acts like archery leveling that up is really fast and easy with a gun. sounds of shooting and reloading are all there. quite a nice gun!     http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/30880   i think i have a video of my mod using it here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjUfF6Bu9GE

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