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Help npcs escape from prison? Help?

escape rescue prison

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Hi. I'm making a quest in which the player is asked to break several prisoners out of a Thalmor prison.  I've been studying the Fellglow Keep vampire-prisoners in the quest MG03_dunFellglowKeepQST  to help me, but it's very complex.


I've gotten as far as:

- Creating new prisoners in a test cell & guards.

- Made 3 AI packages that are "Wait for player" "Flee" and "Attack (guards) just like in the above quest.

- The prisoner's AI packages themselves have "getstage" conditions which I've emulated as well.

- Set up jail doors, switches and trap linkers for both.

- Copied and set up new scripts for the trap linkers and gave them "link ref" connections similar to those used with the above mentioned quest.


I'm getting confused though, because it is so involved. Does it need to be so complex?  At this point, the prisoners sit in the chairs and wait. But I throw the switches and they do nothing but wait.

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Looking at this more today, I see 2 major problems that I can't figure out how to remedy.


1. The "attack" and "flee" prisoner packages say "get stage (questname) <= 20" but when I use the console command to advance the quest to 20, they still do nothing. This seems like a really important part to figure out.


2. Flipping the switches does nothing but open doors. I haven't figured out yet how MG03_dunFellglowKeepQST sets the quest to force the prisoners to leave their cells and flee/attack (I see nothing that mentions set stage in trigger or trap linker scripts) but what I would like to do is something that makes the SWITCHES set the quest stage, and that will force the prisoners to act.


Ultimately, my goal is simply: prisoners stay where they are until I flip a switch, they run outside where a lot of Thalmor are waiting. I don't think an "attack" package is even necessary. Just a simple travel package will do.

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Okay, I figured it out on my own.


I gave up on using the Fellglow Keep and Darkwater prisoner related quests because they just weren't helping me much.


-- First I set up my prisoners, jail door, and the lever that open the doors of course. That alone is a chore.

-- Then I assigned a quest alias to the lever that activates the jail doors, and gave it a "DefaultSetstageAliasScript". and set the appropriate stage number.

-- Next,I gave my prisoners a sandbox package with a tiny radius of 50 (about the size of a cell) so they'll sit, sleep, pace, eat bread...whatever. This package also has them ignore combat and pretty much everything else.

-- Then I stacked a travel package on top of the sandbox package, made the target an XmarkerHeading outside of the prison, and in the condition tab of the package, I made a new condition "getstage (questname) == (queststage)"  The quest stage number here is the same as the stage that the jail door lever sets.


I found and edited script that will delete all npc in a given faction when they pass through a red trigger box. It works nicely for cleaning up escaped prisoners so they just don't sit at the travel target forever.


Scriptname DeleteRemainingPrisoners extends ObjectReference  

{Script for trigger near Ostrefjell entrance. If any of the freed prisoners reach this trigger, delete them.}

Faction property OstrePrisonerFaction Auto

Event onTriggerEnter(objectReference obj)
    if ((obj As Actor).IsInFaction(OstrePrisonerFaction))
        (obj As Actor).SetAlpha(0, True)   ;Need to SetAlpha here instead of disabling them.

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I'm having a bit of trouble with the prison break. I unlocked the cages, and led them through the mine. Every time I leave Ft Ostrejell though the game either freezes or CTD. I haven't found anything online as to how to avoid/fix this yet.

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