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Black textures and boxes

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I've been playing FNV fine for the past week or so, but today I've suddenly get random black textures or black boxes and then crash or get a runtime error. I was testing a lot of different ENBs yesterday. I use ENB remover but maybe something was left behind? This isn't the black screen of death people get at the start of the game. It happens randomly when walking down the road or entering a interior. Please help me.

Edit: Seems that Nash house in Primm always causes this issue, as seen here: https://i.imgur.com/te8jE4h.jpg



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That is similar to the problems we often see when people are exceeding the "plugin cap" of FNV.  Please see the 'Maximizing use of memory' and 'Smaller Plugin Cap' sections of the wiki "FNV General Mod Use Advice" article.  If the problem persists, run trhough the 'Common Game Problems' section.


Edit: It just dawned on me that black square in the middle of the image might be your game "cursor" or "crosshair".  Combined with the missing backgrounds in the HUD "condition" boxes, "User Interface (UI)" problems indicate you have changed XML files.  This is often caused by an "install order" problem with more than one mod replacing or editing the same XML file.  Please see the wiki "HUD-UI-Menu issues" article.  (This takes some interpretation as applies to your situation.  There are too many permutations for an "if A then B" type of guide.  If you haven't encountered XML files before then the "TL;DR" section is not going to help by itself.)

  "Disabling" mods is not enough to restore things to "vanilla" if they overwrote any files.  UI mods definitely do this, and can make "edits" to other existing XML files.  You have to "verify local files" to restore the originals, and still may need to delete the "loose files" so those vanilla versions get used from the BSA files.  Then correct the sequence in which you install those UI affecting mods.  Please see the 'Restoring to "Vanilla"' entry of the wiki "FNV General Mod Use Advice" article.


I recommend anyone read the entire "FNV General Mod Use Advice" article to understand the differences between this game and others you may have experience with; especially if this is your first attempt to play a modded FNV or it's been more than a year since you last set it up.  It is designed for someone who has never played a modded PC game before, so it tries to avoid making any assumptions, is kept "up-to-date", and covers years of "lessons learned".  It is NOT a list of various mods to install that happen to work on the author's machine.  It addresses fundamentals underlying how to get the basic game and mods to work together.  At least 90% of everything I post in the "Technical Support" sub-forum is already in that article.



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