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Scrap Everything not sorted correctly

fallout 4 scrap everything vault 88 - enemies spawn only

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HTR is right.  Assign the plugin to the "Dynamic Patches" group, which is a late loading group.  In vortex, group assignments are the easiest and most effective way to manage load order.  Given that LOOT is integrated into Vortex, you rarely need to make such adjustments.  However, when you do need to, a group assignment is an almost effortless way to achieve the desired result.

The Groups capability is inherited from LOOT, FWIW, so even if LOOT wasn't integrated it would still be possible,  I've completely forgotten what UI the LOOT tool itself might have had for this, but Vortex either gives it a UI it didn't have or at the least changes it.


The Groups listed in the drop-down are listed in the order in which they will load relative to each other, so "Dynamic LOD" is the last of them to load (and effectively dead last).  That ordering might not be obvious to those new to Vortex and/or LOOT.  They should have been numbered or given some other ordinal in the list to make that that more apparent.




Yes, we know that DYNAMIC PATCHES isn't the last in the group list, but it always works in DYNAMIC PATCHES because that's what it was designed for.
The other groups that come after it, are meant for the content they're named after.

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