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requesting a jousting mod and arena

mod request

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so im not a mod maker if i was id just do it my self id like to make a request because i havent seen it on here id like to see a jousting mod and arena . i was sitting here thinking about how board i get some times just grinding and questing and i was thinking boy it might be fun to have a joust that the player and or followers can join to joust against each other or other npc's and use septimes and or horses for rewards if you win it sounded fun or archery contests or both i know its hard to make mods but im asking because i think it would fit in the game well if any one agrees to pick it up and make one that would be great im sure me and others would be very greatful just to break up some of the boring of not having any thing else to do other then drink or other adult content that may or may not be available something as simple as a tourney mod anything like that would be great im just tossing the idea out there. thanks for any attention that may be given to this idea i love your guys mods im running skyrim no dlc and id love to see something like this signed friend and fan of nexus nisaacs86 . thank you in advance 

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