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Military Rank Mod

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Been looking for a mod that maybe you guys can help me out with.

Does anyone know if there is a mod that allows you to put a military rank on your shirt/armor?

Looking for something similar to the Militarized Minutemen mod but not stuck with the whole set of armor, I would much rather you be able to use a longsleeve shirt under whatever piece of armor you want rather than Needing to be wearing the entire Militarized Minutemen outfit???


If there is such a thing out there please help. If not, how does one go about making a mod like that? Do I need to buy some sort of software to mod? Have never modded before but I really want this type of mod so I would be willing to make it if there isn't something like this out.


Don't suppose it matters why I want this mod but I'll share it. I have two main Military themed bases. The Castle is my South HQ and Starlight is my North HQ. all the other settlements I cap them with 10 settlers max and set them up with a small military themed outpost as if they were a squad that setup a rally point there. i have a ledger for every settlement I have with the names and ranks of each soldier/settler in these outposts/settlements. So I would love to be able to put a longsleeve like piece of clothing under their vests to show what rank they are.



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There are military caps with rank insignia that might possibly fit your bill, even though it's not 100% exactly what you're looking for:



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