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How to get NPC to NOT react to attack from player?

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Hey forum,


I have an eyebot (temporary player follower in PlayerFaction and CurrentCompanionFaction) who I would like to not react if shot by the player. I'm not sure how it's accomplished in companions.

I can shoot hell out of Piper and get no reaction.

My eyebot takes only so much, then attacks me.


He is a protected character with no default packages, only my custom follow & travel hybrid AI package in the package list.


What Controlls this behaviour?


p.s. I don't want him to be set as 'Ghost' as I want his animation to react to being shot.


I'm modding for PS4, so no papyrus scripts!





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The script function you need is Actor.IgnoreFriendlyHits(True)


For PS4 you will need to find a base game script you can attach to a quest reference alias to apply to your actor Dn136_AliasIgnoreFriendly would do the job.




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Excellent. Thank you.

Scriptname Dn136_AliasIgnoreFriendly extends ReferenceAlias
{script to set actor to Ignore Friendly Hits on load - for DN136_Attack}

Event OnLoad()
    Actor myActor = self.getActorRef()

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