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Creation Kit limitations importing RaceMenu Geometry

creation kit racemenu chargen custom race presets

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This is in regards to Skyrim SE, Creation Kit and RaceMenu (v.0.4.16)
     I'm requesting the help of any modders out there (probably) with above average experience in Creation Kit, or possibly just another modder whose created their own Race before in SKSE, whom may have experienced this problem.
The problem I'm focused on, as I see it, is a limitation hard-coded into CK that I haven't figured a fix, nor a work around for as of yet.
I've taken CharGen exports from RaceMenu and imported them into CK to use as Custom Racial Presets and used Ctrl+F4, then used the same CharGen exports with corrected data paths using NifOptimizer, NifMerge and NifScope to overwrite the presets trying to get the results I'm looking for. But for some reason the game doesn't recognize the RaceMenu geometry I'm overwriting in MyCustomRace.esp. So this isn't working, in-game the presets are still the distorted versions and not the correct ones. I've used this process successfully many times before with my Custom Followers, but for some reason, I'm unable to with the Presets? And for anyone wondering, yes, I've also added RaceMenu.bsa to the end of CreationKit.ini [Archive] still with no success.
As I see it, when I import a RaceMenu character into CK for a Custom Race Preset, then hit Ctrl+F4. Creation Kit does not retain all the of the RaceMenu slider settings. Specifically, the width of a mouth and the thickness or height of lips as a whole. More to the point, if I want to make a female actor with a smaller nose and mouth or lips in both height and width, CK will not retain that info; like it doesn't even look at it. Crucial character details created in RaceMenu are lost when imported into CK. How do I get my RaceMenu geometry in-game as Presets then?
To clarify, this is in reference to making Racial Presets in Creation Kit and (NOT RaceMenu Presets), which works fine. I've successfully made my own Custom Race including followers; and in-game my custom racial presets DO SHOW UP, ...(BUT) they show up with facial distortions from my imports in CK. And in Creation Kit, when I view the actor's face it is similar yes, but badly morphed or misshapen to down right ugly due to all the slider options and details of RaceMenu not being retained. 
My goal here is to provide both male and female racial presets in-game (for the player to use as a base template); just like Bethesda does with all the vanilla races. But my RaceMenu exports are not being imported correctly by Creation Kit.
Is there something I'm missing in my research?
Any feedback or help will be greatly appreciated.

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