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Mod Request - Extra Spawns in all levels

request idea difficulty overhaul spawn spawning enemies enemy demon chaos

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Hey, so it doesn't look like mod requests are common for Doom Eternal, and I get it has DLC coming out and mod support might be shaky at the moment etc etc.


But ever since the end of my first run through the game I've been thinking
"Man. If only I could do that again, except with MORE DEMONS."
I'm talking like, a Master Level for every single stage in the game, but they're replacers of the levels. Throw Tyrants at me in the Khan Makyr fight. Throw Marauders at me in the Icon of Sin fight. Give me a Doom Hunter on the first level. OR at the very least, simply change some 1 to a 2 somewhere in the code that makes 2 demons spawn whenever 1 is set to spawn. I could take that as an alternative, that would be amazing.

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