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Lion Ohmes-Raht Khajiit Race (half-human, half-lion)

lion khajiit ohmes-raht half-human half-lion race

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I've looked around for khajiit race mods that add these features, but the closest I can find are mods that make khajiit look like lions; which is pretty cool, but not what I'm looking for. So, I decided to come up with an entirely new, fully-fleshed out race on my own:


My idea is to have a lion variant of the Ohmes-Raht: human, but with round ears and tufted tails. Basically, half-human, half-lion. Maybe call it Ohmes-Leo.


There would be a wide selection of mane-styles that are cross-compatible with both males and females; long manes, short manes, wavy, straight, spiked, fluffy, ornamental, braided, long/luxurious (for a very feminine look), full/masculine, etc.


Full color customization would be a must: custom mane color, ear color, tail fur color, tail tuft color, and eye color, specifically. And to clarify, these would each have their own color sliders.


Ideally there would be two styles of eyes to choose from: human and cat-like.


Race abilities would naturally include an unarmed Claws attack buff (a bit more powerful than the vanilla khajiit Claws ability, because lions would have more attack power), and unlimited nighteye. Maybe even a power/shout called Lion's Roar that would temporarily intimidate/demoralize enemies from attacking.


Finally--and this may be asking too much, but bear with me--I'd love for this mod to be completely self-sufficient; in other words, no other mod dependencies. For example, I don't want to have to install a ton of other body/texture/gameplay mods to get this one to work. But I'm not a modder/programmer, and I know that making mods isn't easy, so I understand if there's no way around this.


Anyway, those are my ideas. I'd love to know what people think / if anyone's interested in making this mod. Thanks for reading!

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