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Dawnguard Siege

dawnguard siege castle vampires vampire attack defense

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When I first saw castle Dawnguard, I was like holy crap! This is the best castle I've seen in this game. I realized that you would never be able to properly siege/defend this castle, and that bummed me out. Could someone change the kill the Dawnguard quest to an outright siege somehow? This or a quest for the Dawnguard after Harkon is killed..


Now for the siege of Fort Dawnguard..

I was thinking put up archers on the castle, add some crazy ass siege weapons, et cetera. I would just like to see its potential used instead of having this awesome castle just being aesthetic.


As for defending it..

There could be a short quest after Harkon is killed. Have a new member of the Dawnguard walk up to you when you enter the castle. This person is looking to join, and he/she has a band of people to help, but then they ask that you accompany them to the roof. Once on the roof they take you to the battlements and say that they've spotted a large group of vampires coming. Then immediately vampire attack, and people go to the battlements, which can include you. Once you decide whether to stay on the roof or go to the ground level, the assault will begin. Then LET THE DAMN CRAZY ASS SIEGE BEGIN! : D During this battle Isran would be killed and you would become the new leader.


It'd be a pretty hard thing to do, but I think many people would like to see it done. It'd make the Whiterun/Windhelm/Solitude sieges look like crap.




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I don't want to become the new leader. There should be an option for that like you can tell Durak (if he survived) that he can become the leader and so on... Other than that, I totally agree. Seriously. This is one of the mods I want to most of my whole time playing since dawnguard.




Please modders... we need this. Please. 




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I'd rather think about a weekly attack, where you can accept a quest, to prepare for the attack. Because a one-time attack would be quite borring. So maybe instead of having anyone important die just send a few nameless dawnguards and the player himself to the battlement. That would bring some action into the game, if you are already done with all the main Quests, like me. I was searching for this kind of a mod because of this. ._.



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I was thinking of creating this actually. A small quest mod that initiates a battle. The prize being fort dawnguard itself, and the enslavement of any who surrender for cattle.

To sum it up... it will be done! I am currently working on a complimentary mod to go with Civil War Overhaul where you can wipe enemy camps off the map. Feel free to check out my latest mod Dwemer Colosseum in the meantime. Assuming your pc can handle it :)

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