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Some Help or Insight into My First NPC

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I have this wonderful mod called Girls of Skyrim!  I loved those girls and they were so beautiful!  basskimm has done a wonderful job creating them but I have decided to create a new girl, most especially someone from my Morrowind days: Lady Galdiir.


I already have successfully created Lady Galdiir by using the spf galdiir command via ~ console on Skyrim, went back and followed the specific instructions on how to wonderfully create my girl.  However, I hit some major snags.  I have one particular hair that I want my Galdiir to have that closely resembles her in her Morrowind days.  The hair I selected via apachii in the menu did not show up in the CK at all.  It was a pain in the butt when the Apachii Sky Hair mod made itself a master file and the CK refused to load.


I also have found that basskimm created these companions and gave them "uneditable" bodies (that surely could be CBBE) and added them to meshes\ and textures\ as "whatevergirl"body (i.e. amandabody, lylabody, and whatnot).  I wanted Galdiir to have a petite body with very nice B-cupped breasts (sorry girls if I sound like a perv...) since she was petite in her days around Vvardenfell.


My initial questions are:


1) How do I manage to create a specific hairstyle for Galdiir that couldn't be modified or does not require the Apachii Sky Hair master file to enable the beauty that she should have?

2) How do I create my own custom body for Galdiir?  Is there any way to do this by using CBBE?  I believe that Galdiir should have her own body without being modified at any time.

3)  If this is possible, could basskimm give me some advice on how to do this since he has the major experience of creating Girls of Skyrim?  I'd like to learn from him those methods.






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1) You can actually get the CK to load more than one master file. In your Skyrim folder there is a file called SkyrimEditor.ini. Open this in a text editor like Notepad and add "bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1" (without the quotes) under the [General] heading.


2) Body meshes are determined my the race of the character. You'll need to create a uniquely named race for Galdiir, which can easily be done by duplicating an existing race. A custom body can be created using Caliente's BodySlide tool, which can be found on the main CBBE page along with some tutorials. Making your custom race is a bit complicated. Find the TXST file called SkinBodyFemale_1. Duplicate this and make it use whatever textures and maps you want. Make sure you set the Race dropdown box so that your custom race is selected. You then need to find the NakedTorso ARMA file and create a copy of it. Edit the female Biped Model, Skin Texture, and First Person sections in this file to reference your custom body and the TXST set up in the previous step.. Change the Additional Races section so that only your custom race is selected. Now go back to your custom race and set the Skin dropdown list under the Body tab to reference your edited TXST. You can also set custom hand and foot meshes and textures in a similar fashion, so that shouldn't be too hard to figure out if that's something you want to do. Once you have all that worked out, you'll need to re-export Galdiir's facegen data using this new race. If you don't, this will probably result in a discolored head.


I think that's it, I need to go to bed now. If I screwed up somewhere or it doesn't work for whatever reason, just let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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